Best Electric Convertibles of 2022

The first electric vehicles were small in order to try to keep costs down, such as hatchbacks and sedans, but now we are seeing more and more SUVs and even pickup trucks trading in their combustion engines for electric motors. It only makes sense that we’ll be seeing more convertible EV models entering the market in the USA in the future as automakers move eagerly to embrace the new technology. The luxury performance and leisure segments are taking their time getting acclimated to the changes in the market, but here are some of the best electric convertible cars for 2022 and upcoming releases:

Characteristics of Electric Convertibles

Though there aren’t many new electric convertible cars to draw conclusions from, here are some of the qualities you can expect:

  • Appearance: Sports cars are naturally low-slung and curvy, but this athletic and edgy styling blends nicely with the futuristic elements of electric vehicles. Naturally, they don’t need the aggressive air intakes or boasting exhaust outlets of the gasoline-powered siblings, but electric convertibles still dress well enough to appeal to both motoring and leisure enthusiasts, especially with their tops down.
  • Performance: Though not thoroughbred speedsters, drop-tops are never lacking in power. Having instantaneous access to everything “under the hood” is a nice advantage, and it definitely helps them get up to that seamless cruising speed without a fuss. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. One of the drawbacks of electric motors is their lack of a soundtrack to immerse yourself in during open-top driving.
  • Versatile leisure: An essential quality of all electric convertible cars is the ability to drive with the wind in your hair. Whether soft- or hardtop, there is always a way to lower or remove the roof. Driving with the sun on your skin like this is an experience very few other cars can supply. Of course, with the roof up, you get similar levels of practicality to that of a sedan. This is what makes convertibles so versatile.
  • Limitations: Sadly, the electric revolution is not without its disadvantages. The most glaring of which, now that prices are starting to come down, is the limited driving range and long charging times. Convertibles are seldom cheap, though, so that won’t dissuade any buyers, and some EVs are boasting ranges of up to 500 miles when fully charged. However, this is unlikely to be the case with any roadster, since they are usually strapped for space anyway before you start thinking of putting in a high-capacity battery.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Convertible

Electric convertibles have never been mass-produced before, which means that we are bound to see some flaws at first. Nevertheless, there are some things you can expect from them if you know enough about the body style as well as the new technology. These pros and cons include:


  • Open-air driving experience
  • Quick and quiet acceleration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Small and nimble or large and luxurious
  • You get some of your money back in fuel savings


  • Limited range and long recharge
  • No engine soundtrack to drive to
  • Not a lot of options right now
  • Prices are exorbitant on high-end models

FAQs About Electric Convertible Cars

Why are there so few all-electric convertibles?

EVs generally need entirely new platforms to function properly and this means a lot of time and money for automakers. Since convertibles are only sold in small numbers, this makes it less likely that they will get an electric upgrade. But, as manufacturers are forced, by emissions laws, to move away from combustion engines, the only new convertibles will be EVs.

Does Tesla make a convertible?

The American electric automaker announced its intent to create an EV convertible way back in 2017, but the project has been delayed past the expected release date of 2020. Nevertheless, we do know that we will be getting a Tesla Roadster soon and that it will be one of the fastest cars on the road, as well as one of the most expensive.

Are there any affordable EV convertibles?

Just because most drop-tops are expensive, that doesn’t mean you have to give up any hope of owning one. Mini recently added the Cooper Hardtop to the electric segment, so there is a good chance we will see a Cabrio join it soon, and the Hardtop is currently one of the cheapest models in the segment. Other automakers with affordable roadsters, like Mazda and its Miata MX-5, will likely start looking to the electricity their more popular offerings, too.

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