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If you’re looking for a ride that’s both fun-to-drive and leisurely, then a Nissan convertible may just be the perfect cruiser. They’re ideal for the motoring enthusiast obsessed with genuine engagement and a raw, mechanical feel. They’re true luxury-lifestyle commuters packaged with drop-top drivability and plenty of creature comforts and conveniences. Unfortunately, with the demise of the Japanese brand’s only drop-top, it’s uncertain whether 2021 will bring us any contemporary options.

Common Specifications for New Nissan Convertibles

The most recent and only Nissan convertible car proffered was the 2019 370Z Roadster. Because it was a standalone nameplate in the Nissan convertible model range, here we will talk about its performance, specifications, and features.

  • Performance: The car is known for its purist feel, elicited by its now-dated V6 engine, which gives it a raw and mechanical individuality, while its RWD setup means it handles like a traditional sports-car. Though its retractable roof hinders overall rigidity and subsequently its capability, it is still a fun-to-drive and poised daily leisure-mobile. The Cabrio is tuned to deliver a mostly comfortable, smooth, and soft experience.
  • Powertrain: The 370Z comes equipped with a 332-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine paired to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Outputs are driven to the vehicle’s rear-wheel drivetrain as standard. No other configurations were ever offered.
  • Features: There are three price options and trims for the 2019 edition of the nameplate. In the base trim, specification levels are minimal, there is no infotainment touchscreen and only a six-speaker audio system. A seven-inch touchscreen is presented within the upper-tier variants along with a premium audio layout. There are also heated and ventilated front seats with power-adjustability.

Nissan Hardtops vs Soft-tops

Cruisers with hard roofs benefit from a more isolated cabin, which is quieter and subsequently more comfortable as outside noises are more isolated than in rides with soft-tops. They’re usually more expensive, as well, due to the hardier materials and complex retraction mechanisms. Fabric or soft-tops may be a little easier to live with, however, as the cover is usually easier to manage and takes up less room in the trunk.

What to Consider Before Buying

To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, check out CarBuzz’s buyer’s guide reviews where every vehicle available on the US market is comprehensively evaluated. For now, here are just a few of the pros and cons buyers may experience from the Japanese manufacturer’s products:


  • Open-top lifestyle-centric driving thrills
  • Sporty yet leisurely driving character
  • Ergonomic and intuitive cabin controls


  • No manual gearbox available at all
  • Severe blind spots with no assists
  • Dated aesthetics and impression

FAQs about Nissan’s Convertible Cars

What’s the Nissan 370Z convertible’s price?

For 2019, the nameplate carried a starting MSRP of around $42k with the top-of-the-line variant coming in at around $50k.

Are there any Nissan hardtop convertibles?

No, there are no hardtop cabrios in the automaker’s compendium.

Can I still buy a new Nissan convertible?

Unfortunately, the 370Z Roadster was discontinued come the 2020 model year, meaning no new units will be for sale in the USA unless you’re lucky enough to find a dealership with stock. Otherwise, you’re likely to only find a few used units around.

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