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Elon Musk has an intense passion for fast, luxurious, and proficient eco-friendly cars and it’s the convertible Tesla Roadster that perhaps best encapsulates exactly all of those qualities. The EV brand has become synonymous with producing impressively fast cruisers that are also more than liveable and practical runabouts. Just look at the Model X Performance, which has proven to be one of the fastest cars in the world without any compromise in what’s expected from a modern SUV. It’s about time Tesla introduced some sporty convertibles with these phenomenal qualities.

Tesla Convertible Range

Tesla is a relatively new automaker that’s still inaugurating a complete range of vehicles. The all-new Tesla Roadster is, as such, the only convertible vehicle within the automakers ranks.

  • Roadster - Tesla is designing the Roadster to be the fastest and quickest all-electric supercar in the world, purposing it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 1.9 seconds and capping its top speed at a ridiculous 250 mph. On top of those insane performance figures, the Roadster will also be able to travel for up to 620 miles on a full charge of its battery. Beyond it being a performance spectacle and class-leader in EV capability, the compact two-door sports car also boasts a premium contemporary interior with a hardtop/open-top conversion and seating for up to four occupants.

Tesla Convertible Models and Price List

Model Power Engine Base Price
Tesla Roadster 1,360 hp Electric $200,000

What to Consider before Buying

Tesla has established a solid reputation for producing some of the best-performing electric vehicles in the world that offer plenty of value for the money and also earn top crashworthiness and safety scores. There are many reviews, however, that call attention to the pretty shoddy build quality of Tesla’s cars, which has resulted in some substandard reliability expectations. Repairs and maintenance of Tesla cars are also quite pricey, so you may want to avoid purchasing a used model, especially from the secondhand market.


  • Competitive and exhilarating supercar performance
  • Class-leading EV performance and electric-only drive range
  • Sporty and contemporary design aesthetic outside and in


  • Excruciatingly expensive for a road car
  • Rear seats and trunk are pretty much useless
  • No raw, mechanical feel and sound of an engine and transmission


What are the Tesla Roadster convertible’s powertrain specs?

Exact specifications are yet to be released but the Roadster in its stock guise will likely feature a tri-motor setup with one unit powering both the front wheels and two units serving each of the rear. No official horsepower figures have been given but Tesla claims the powertrain will push out 10,000 newton-meters of torque, which equates to around 7,375 lb-ft.

When does/did the new Tesla Roadster debut?

The Roadster is scheduled to debut sometime in 2021 but Tesla has pushed the date back several times in the past.

What’s the price of the Tesla Roadster convertible Founders Series?

The Tesla Roadster Founders Series is offered at an MSRP of $250,000, which has to be paid upfront to reserve the model, as only 1,000 will ever be produced.

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