Best Hatchbacks of 2022

From affordable runabouts to explosive rockets, hatchbacks provide the sporty shape that many buyers want, along with some added practicality over a traditional sedan. There’s no end to the variety, and with variations to suit every budget and taste, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. That’s why our comprehensive rankings and ratings of the top-rated hatches are here to help you out.

We’ve covered virtually every aspect of every model on the USA market, from drivetrains to warranty coverage to assessments on build quality. Our reviews look beyond the showroom appeal of your chosen model, providing solid advice on whether you should stick with your first choice or explore more viable options. If you’re not sure what the best 2022 hatchbacks for sale are, this is the place to find out. We can help with used versions too, thanks to in-depth reviews on models ranging from 2021 through to new hatch-equipped cars for 2022 and 2023.

Main Characteristics of Hatchback Cars

  • Hatch rear door opening
    The area usually taken up by a trunk on a regular sedan is chopped off on this body style, yet provides greater ease of use, thanks to a large aperture through which cargo can be loaded.
  • Regular ride height
    Although raised derivatives known as crossovers are supremely popular, the ride height of the conventional version is high enough to clear speedbumps yet low enough to make ingress and egress easy. This also aids with aerodynamics, which improves fuel consumption.
  • Economical engines
    This segment is dominated by autos that are typically diminutive in size, necessitating lighter powertrains. These bring with them exceptional fuel economy, and many consumer reports show that figures are often even better than those claimed by the manufacturer.
  • Transmissions
    These machines are for almost anyone, and most types are offered with automatics, a transmission that is usually the default or standard. However, many come with a manual gearbox too, which is great for the person who desires deeper engagement on the daily commute.


  • Less pricey to buy and insure
  • Good gas mileage
  • User-friendly storage volume
  • Multiple variants, including hybrids
  • Easy to park
  • Access to premium brands


  • Usually the cheapest in a manufacturer’s lineup
  • Passenger space is limited
  • Entry-level versions are underpowered
  • Sedans and SUVs carry more prestige

Top Rated Hatchbacks

Hatchback vehicles need to fulfill multiple requirements and purposes, and while all generally provide easy loading and flat-folding rear seats for maximum efficiency, some offer more too. Modern designs have introduced us to some of the best-looking small automobiles of all time while also giving you some of the best performance you can get for the money. In our evaluations, you’ll see the top-rated hatchbacks ranked on criteria that looks at everything from MSRP, to acceleration times, to best mpg figures. Many top-rated hatchbacks hit the mark, and despite relatively slim proportions, most cater for tall drivers too.

Types of Hatchbacks

Subcompact/Small Hatchback Cars

Not all buyers are after a vehicle with the capacity for high speed, and sometimes being economical in terms of gas mileage and being easy to park are just as important as luxury and convenience - particularly when many US cities are heavily congested and the cost of fuel fluctuates regularly. However, these small hatchback cars don’t usually offer the power, plushness, and noise insulation of bigger offerings. As such, they are generally not ideal for large families or those who prefer traveling by car. Still, insurance is cheap and these autos are ideal for new motorists to learn the road in. They’re also simple to maintain and are always in demand when its time to move on and sell.


Compacts are a little bigger but still have the same core values as their smaller counterparts. But, more space also means a higher price, but the benefits in standard features, comfort, and general usefulness contribute to a more rounded option. There’s also the option for sprightlier power plants and the popularity of this segment means that many premium hot hatches are available, with extensive engineering and bolder styling also contributing to their appeal.

What to Buy?

With so many different possibilities, one’s lifestyle generally dictates what type of automobile to go for, but some stand out as exceptional. Whichever type of vehicle you’re looking for, you’ll find everything you need to know about cut-rate and best hatchback cars are like to live with. We’ll also cover how good visibility is for the pilot, what options in the models’ lists are available, and which is the best. Pictures included in every article can also save you the hassle of checking out a car at a dealer when its style is not to your taste. Our comparisons at the end of each also help make your second and third alternatives easier to pick. In the world of new hatchback cars, there’s something for everyone, and thanks to our in-depth analysis, you may find yourself liking brands you’d never have considered before.


What are the best hatchbacks on the market?

Some of our all-time favorites and those that stand out for their low gas rate uses and fun factor are the Chevrolet Bolt EV, the Honda Fit, and Volkswagen’s Golf GTI and the Golf is considered the top hatchback in its segment. 

Which all-wheel-drive hatches are the best?

We’re very fond of the Volkswagen Golf R, the Mazda 3, and the Subaru Impreza. The Subaru is the only one with permanent all-wheel-drive though and is the most capable on tricky terrain.

What are the least expensive versions on sale?

The Chevrolet Spark, Mitsubishi Mirage, and Nissan Versa Note all cost less than $20,000. However, advanced safety aids and creature comforts are scarce at this end of the market.



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