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Lexus is the luxury subdivision of the popular Japanese automaker Toyota. All Lexus models are meticulously designed for either the driving enthusiast or the leisure-oriented and all carry an air of genuine exclusivity. Lexus cars aren’t cheap, however, and prices for many of the latest cars hover around, or exceed, the $100,000 mark. For that money, buyers are handed a package that offers more than the regular automobile, at a cost that is actually appealing in comparison to other premium brands. All in all, Lexus’s latest models deliver plenty of value overall, and anyone that can afford a new Lexus would do well to opt for it.

Types of Lexus Vehicles

There are various types of Lexus vehicles for prospective buyers to choose from, ranging from the more track-focused nameplates to more luxurious and functional commuters. This includes:

  • Sportscars
  • Coupes
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Hybrids

2021 Lexus Lineup

America gets access to a really diverse and expansive Lexus lineup that comprises a variety of different types of Lexus options. As the roster is long, here are just some of the newest Lexus automobiles for sale in the USA:

  • RC F - Brought about to appease the high-performance aficionados, it carries some seriously sporty looks and ships with the proper components to back its bark. Under its hood is a 472 horsepower 5.0-liter V8 engine that cedes its power to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox.
  • GS - The regular version of this executive midsize sedan makes for an exceptional daily cruiser that delivers decent all-round mobility and attractive fuel economy figures, too. The F version is imbued with 467 hp from its naturally-aspirated V8 unit and it features a specially tuned high-pressure D-4S direct fuel injection system for improved straight-line capability. Both are fairly plush, but some competitors out-perform them on the track.
  • LC - As one of the only concept renders to have made it to the mainstream US market with minimal alterations, the LC is a truly exclusive, stylish, and capable sports coupe. It is one of the more expensive offers from the automaker’s range, along with its convertible and hybrid counterparts, but they’re certainly some of the best Lexus vehicles money can buy. Its V8 motor sends outputs through a ten-speed auto transmission to the rear corners.
  • ES - An oddball from the brand, the ES is the only front-wheel-drive midsize cruiser in the entire lineup. It is a very sedate and low-cost choice from the manufacturer, too. It carries its core appeal in its comfort-oriented ethos and many passenger-focused features.
  • UX - From its exterior styling to the way it commutes, everything about this subcompact sport-utility fits the classification perfectly. It is the most affordable SUV from the automaker. Its front wheels are propelled by a 2.0L four-cylinder motor that’s tethered to a ten-speed CVT.
  • LX - The LX is a top-of-the-range, body-on-frame ute and the most expensive variant from Lexus’s newest 2021 SUV selection, with the base trim presented at a starting MSRP of around $87k. It is a great pick for those who want to enjoy the grandeur and quality that is synonymous with the marque, along with true off-roading proficiency.

Lexus Prices

Model Power Engine Base Price
Lexus ES 302 hp 3.5L V6 Gas $40,000
Lexus RZ 308 hp Electric TBC
Lexus IS 241 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $39,050
Lexus GS 311 hp 3.5L V6 Gas $51,065
Lexus LC Coupe 471 hp 5.0L V8 Gas $93,050
Lexus LS 416 hp 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas $76,100
Lexus RC F 472 hp 5.0L V8 Gas $66,220
Lexus NX 203 hp 2.5L Inline-4 Gas $38,350
Lexus RX 290 hp 3.5L V6 Gas $45,920
Lexus GX 301 hp 4.6L V8 Gas $56,125

Lexus Reviews and What To Consider Before Buying

Before purchasing a brand new Lexus, perusing a review or three on the models in your shortlist is recommended. Using CarBuzz’s tools to compare rivals, shoppers are able to browse the extensive list of in-depth Lexus reviews, current and used, that includes information on everything from specs to mileage, and more. There are also ratings given for ten key categories for every Lexus car or model, which, along with the pictures, could be used to identify the best possible offer for your needs. This makes it easier to decide which derivatives to test drive before making a final purchase decision.

FAQs About New Lexus Cars and Models

How do Lexus products rank in terms of reliability?

In an industry-wide comparison, Lexus’ products are actually some of the top-ranking when it comes to dependability, a trait most certainly borrowed from the Japanese parent marque.

How much does the most affordable Lexus cost?

The Lexus UX is priced at an MSRP just upwards of $30,000, making it the most economical pick.

What new Lexus models are scheduled for the 2021 year?

There are many updated 2020 iterations scheduled for the near future, but the IS is perhaps the most notable - being that it will be comprehensively enhanced for a sportier affair.

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