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Whether you are aspiring to be the next 007 or just have a taste for the finer things in life, Aston Martin is a name you cannot ignore. These luxurious grand tourers and sports cars are the poster children for elegance, sophistication, and coming out on top in every car chase. Of course, for most of us, we would indeed need the backing of a clandestine government agency to even afford one of these gorgeous machines, but that does not stop us from dreaming. If you enjoy fantasizing, read ahead.

About Aston Martin

Founded in 1913, the company quickly became synonymous with high performance as the DB3 earned its place among motorsports champions in the 1950s. The DB5 then made its way onto the silver screen in 1963 when the world was introduced to James Bond. Today, the British marque is among the most exclusive on the market, and the upcoming vehicles do not hint at this changing anytime soon, with down payments of over $1,000,000 becoming more commonplace.

Best New Aston Martin Models in 2021

Several types of body styles are offered by the British manufacturer. But, you can be sure that each brings the full force of the name to the fore with an unmistakable design philosophy and hard-to-beat performance. These are the styles that Aston caters to:

  • Coupe - The two-door body style is synonymous with a car that cares less about practicality and more about going really, really fast. Unsurprisingly, this is where the majority of the Aston Martin models slot in, including the DB11, Vantage, and DBS Superleggera.
  • Convertible - For those who really want the raw experience of racing down the road with the wind in their hair, a drop-top is the only way to go. Since this is essentially little more than a cosmetic alteration to the coupe, the same three model nameplates are offered here again.
  • Crossover - We were not sure that the prestigious brand would grace us with a superpowered utility vehicle, but you do not survive a hundred years in the market without knowing when to adapt. The most popular commuter car category in the USA receives a single entrant from the Brit - the DBX.
  • Supercars - When supreme style and power simply are not enough to quench your thirst for speed and thrills, that is where the Valkyrie comes in. Only the crème de la crème of sports cars muscle their way into this segment, with mid-mounted engines and Formula 1-inspired origins.

A Closer Look

Of course, knowing the type of body you want for your new Aston Martin car is just the beginning. Naturally, you need to know the exact specifications of these gentlemen and the various accessories they offer to customize your purchase to suit your personal tastes.

  • Vantage - Powered by a twin-turbocharged V8, this is no simpering coupe. The 0 to 62 mph benchmark is overcome in just 3.6 seconds and few can keep up with the 195-mph top speed. Remarkably, all this comes at a reasonable cost in fuel economy, with the EPA estimating returns of 18/24/20 mpg for the 503-horsepower machine. Of course, the interior is as racy as the exterior. Both the Strathmore leather upholstery and cross-stitching can be customized in a variety of colors to create the most striking cabin.
  • DB11 - Here, you get a choice of a V8 or V12 powertrain, with the latter shunting 630 horses towards the rear wheels. However, at 3.9 seconds, several rivals and even the cheaper Vantage boast quicker sprint times when you compare them by the millisecond. On top of that, if you really want to enjoy the driving experience, the weaker motor is actually the better choice. This combination of factors is why it sits slightly lower in our BuzzScore ranking.
  • DBS Superleggera - This supreme grand tourer is likely the most attractive automobile in any collector’s garage. We just hope they take it out now and then so it can stretch its legs. With a whopping 715 horsepower under the hood, it won’t tire itself out too easily, despite its weight. The cabin is dressed in only the finest materials, but you shouldn’t expect too much from the trunk. Still, you can fit a few carry-ons if you want to race down the coast for a weekend away before anyone even notices the smokey outline of where you used to be.
  • DBX - Fans in the US may finally breathe a sigh of relief as they no longer have to look elsewhere for a practical crossover. However, at close to $200k, they might still be tempted to pass the new DBX by. But with seductive looks that beckon you closer, a spacious cabin, a 542-hp bi-turbo V8, and a genuinely usable trunk, it is hard to ignore. It also comes with all the safety and comfort features you expect from a luxury family hauler.
  • Valkyrie - While all the information on this hotly anticipated upcoming hypercar has not been announced, we have been apprised of its standard specs. These include a naturally aspirated V12 (that’s right, no turbocharger) that develops a solid 1,000 hp and half as much torque. However, it is a hybrid, which means the electric motors kick in to punch this up to 1,160 hp and 664 lb-ft. The automaker claims it can break the 62 mph mark in less than three seconds from a standstill.
  • Valhalla - The Valhalla may be built using the same F1-inspired construction and mid-engined layout as the Valkyrie, with its sleek carbon fiber body and hypercar aggressiveness, but its sharper edges have been sanded down to make it more appealing as an everyday driver, while performance has been dropped by a few notches as well. It is still a “V”, though, and the brand-new 3.0-liter V6 hybrid engine it will receive proves as much. Though the exact output figures have yet to be announced, it will be placed in the middle of the car just behind the driver’s seat for the lowest center of gravity possible. Combined with the company’s patented FlexFoil technology, this will result in an extremely aerodynamic vehicle with finely tuned handling.
  • V12 Speedster - The limited-edition Speedster is powered by a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12, as its name suggests. Mated to an eight-speed automatic, it develops 700 hp and 555 lb-ft, giving it the fire needed to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and top out at 186 mph. However, its performance figures are not the most striking thing about it. The design philosophy behind the vehicle is a unique amalgamation of automotive and aeronautical influences. Thus, you wouldn’t be blamed for mistaking it for a jet rather than a motor vehicle. Both the driver and passenger are ensconced in cockpit-like compartments separated by a beam, and the amount of carbon fiber on display is practically gratuitous. There is no faster way to catch bugs in your teeth.

Prices of 2021 Aston Martin Cars

Perhaps the least appealing part of shopping for these gorgeous machines is figuring out how much they are going to hurt your bank balance. Here is a list of the latest cars from Astin Martin in 2021 and the price of each in its base guise.

Model Power Engine Base Price
Aston Martin DB11 Coupe 528 hp 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas $198,995
Aston Martin V12 Speedster 700 hp 5.2L Twin-Turbo V12 Gas $950,000
Aston Martin DBX 542 hp 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas $192,086
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Coupe 690 hp 5.2L Twin-Turbo V12 Gas $298,200
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe 430 hp 4.7L V8 Gas $103,300
Aston Martin DBS 715 hp 5.2L Twin-Turbo V12 Gas $316,300
Aston Martin Rapide AMR 595 hp 6.0L Turbo V12 Gas $240,000
Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe 580 hp 6.0L V12 Gas $294,950
Aston Martin Vantage Roadster 503 hp 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas $150,086
Aston Martin Valkyrie 1,160 hp 6.5L V12 Hybrid $3,250,000


What is the price of an Aston Martin car?

If you need to ask, you probably cannot afford it. That said, the cheapest option is the Vantage, at around $150k. The cost of a top-tier Aston Martin can easily exceed $1 million, and that is not even counting the $3.5 million Valkyrie.

Can you drive an Aston Martin every day?

While they do not make for the best daily drivers due to their limited practicality, they certainly can function as such. The DBX has changed this narrative a little as a more practical Aston, though, however, hyper-performance motors are not generally known for their reliability and maintenance is a costly affair. You should perform a comprehensive review of the available information on each car to determine if it actually suits your needs before committing to a purchase.

What future models are planned for the lineup?

The automaker has teased several upcoming vehicles, such as the Valhalla, which will debut some time in 2022, while the V12 Speedster will arrive sooner, in 2021.

For more information, pictures, and videos, be sure to peruse our in-depth Aston Martin reviews, where you can see how each ranks on our BuzzScore ratings and compare them to competitors.

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