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Traditional sedan cars, as we know them, have had a tough time of late, with sports utility vehicles eating up market share in the USA, alongside ever-popular pickup trucks. But for many of us, the three-box still holds plenty of appeal, being lighter on fuel and offering a more engaging driving experience to heavier trucks and crossovers. This also means that they can double down on the strengths of new innovations such as electric powertrains, delivering some of the most exciting driving experiences on the road while still boasting superior overall range. However, the move away from V8 and V6 engines may spell the demise of popular segments, like old-school muscle cars. For the time being, however, these classics remain in our rankings of the best sedans of 2022.

Characteristics of a Sedan

With a long and storied history, the sedan has evolved a lot over the years. However, there are fundamental traits that define the body style. Though how much any single model leans into or away from these inherent characteristics is dependent on the brand and the target market, you can be assured that most sedans will still have a lot in common, such as:

  • Driving dynamics: While larger vehicles like crossovers and pickups might be able to go where a sedan can’t, they can’t compete when it comes to nimble handling and high-speed antics. Sedans deliver some of the most thrilling dynamics on the road, especially in their sportier specification. They’re also one of the last refuges of the manual transmission, which has been phased out in many other types of cars.
  • Practicality: Yet again, larger vehicles naturally have more interior space for people and their stuff, but any good sedan will have a comfortable rear seat and enough room in the trunk for a week’s worth of groceries. A 4-door sedan will usually lean more towards keeping people comfortable, though.
  • Luxury: Nothing says you’ve made it quite like an executive sedan. These cars embody the classic image of luxury in the automotive world, despite the arrival of ultra-luxury land barges like the Cadillac Escalade or Lamborghini Urus. There is just a sort of sleek elegance to them that larger vehicles can’t seem to capture.
  • Affordability: One of the main reasons the sedan body style continues to sell well is the lower average starting price of these cars. Super compact hatchbacks may take the cake in this regard, but their styling is too unappealing to most US buyers. A sedan is a better compromise and even cheaper models can often bear attractive styling. Their higher mpg figures also help to maintain their affordability over the period of ownership.

What to Consider Before Buying a Sedan

With other body styles becoming more plentiful and popular, it has become a little harder to justify buying a sedan over something a bit more practical. That said, there is a reason they continue to sell. They have certain strengths that set them apart, and for some buyers, these outweigh any weaknesses. To help you decide if this is the type of car for you, here is a list of both:


  • Excellent level of driver engagement
  • City-friendly size and handling
  • Superior fuel economy over larger cars
  • Generally comfortable and practical for the size
  • Wide variety of designs and configurations on offer


  • Not overly spacious or practical
  • Can’t seat more than five at most
  • High performance comes at a significant price
  • Limited towing/trailering capabilities


Is a sedan better than an SUV?

Yes, and no. The comparison all depends on the lens through which you view the style. There are things that each excels at. And, while each may try to be a jack of all trades, they still lean more towards established strong points. The smaller automobiles generally handle better than their larger cousins, but they sacrifice practicality for this dexterity. However, they also boast generally lower price tags and hard-to-beat mileage figures. If you need access to all-wheel drive, you may find your choices more limited, as there are not many types of sedans that offer AWD as an option.

Do sedans make good performance vehicles?

Yes, assuming that is what they were designed for. When built with speed and engagement in mind, the sedan is unparalleled on the road. Sure, some new supercharged SUVs can keep up with performance sedan models, but the true low-slung sports cars leave even the most athletic crossovers in their dust when the road turns. For pure automotive pleasure, they’re the best choice.

What are the top-rated sedans?

Naturally, this all depends on what your qualifying factors are. There are many sedans, in many different configurations, on the market right now. In terms of sheer speed and futuristic thrill-seeking, the Porsche Taycan and its boisterous Turbo variant are among our favorites. But, for those with family fore of thought, the more stately Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe deliver an excellent balance of comfort, fun, and practicality. If purchases in the range of $80k plus make your wallet cry in despair, then Kia, Nissan, and Toyota will be your go-to brands, with offerings like the Corolla proving to be the most popular of all time in terms of sales. Each offers a variety of well-priced, capable, no-frills options to suit both taste and need.

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