Best Electric Cars of 2022

The world has started to genuinely move away from the internal combustion engine(ICE), with even hybrids taking a back seat as the age of electric cars dawns upon us. The fact that most automakers have made commitments to completely phase out their gasoline-powered vehicles is evidence of this. So, with truly green cars now on the cards for the masses, especially in the US, it’s more important than ever to know which electric cars offer the best value for your hard-earned money. Luckily, we have the rankings of the best electric cars of 2022 right here for you, along with some information on what makes each of these models the best when it comes to e-mobility.

Main Characteristics Of Green Cars

Gone are the days when small hatchbacks were your only choice when it came to owning a fully electric car. Now, EVs take just about any form, from the humble sedan to the ever-popular SUV. Even pickup trucks are entering the ranks of all-electric cars in 2022. However, no matter the shape or size, all of the best electric vehicles have some common attributes. These are the things that set EVs apart from their ICE counterparts:

  • No need for fossil fuels: First and foremost is the reliance on electricity rather than gasoline or diesel - the classic fossil fuels. These vehicles are outfitted with high-capacity batteries that power their electric motors, with some models sporting as many as four units spread between the axles and/or wheels. This does more than just save money on your fuel bill each month; the reduction in carbon emissions has a profound impact on the environment
  • Charging stations, not gas stations: As with traditional vehicles, EVs require certain infrastructure to function efficiently. You can’t be expected to dash back home and plug in the charger each time your battery gets low. Many companies, such as EVgo, Chargepoint, and Tesla have put the gears in motion but there will need to be as many charging stations as there are gas stations before the world will be ready to truly transition over to electric power.
  • Silent, instantaneous acceleration: One of the reasons many sports car manufacturers are excited about the EV revolution is the capabilities of pure-electric powertrains. There is no longer a need to wait for the engine to burn fuel, so the moment you put your foot down, you’re already moving. Of course, the excessive amounts of torque developed by electric motors is another of the benefits, so 0-60 mph sprints times of under two seconds are now possible. Some petrolheads will bemoan the lack of an ICE soundtrack to drive alongside since EVs are entirely silent, but you really can’t argue with the performance figures.
  • Limited range: Nobody said it was all good news. Just as the lack of the roar of V6 will keep motoring enthusiasts from joining the revolution until they have no other choice, the comparatively low range of all-electric cars will similarly dissuade regular long-distance drivers. Even the fastest charging stations will take between 15 to 45 minutes to ‘refuel’ an EV. Luckily, some of the newest top-rated electric cars are boasting maximum ranges in excess of 400 miles. However, this will continue to be of the greatest disadvantages of the technology for some time.

What to Consider Before Buying A New EV Car

As with any vehicle, before you go out and buy a new electric car, you will want to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Just because they are the future of motoring, it doesn’t mean EVs are without their flaws.


  • The long-term cost of ownership is lower thanks to lower fuel bills
  • More brands are entering the market, pushing down prices and increasing choice
  • Lack of carbon emissions is extremely beneficial to the environment
  • Instant access to all the torque makes for exciting acceleration
  • There is no engine noise at all, so driving can be a truly peaceful experience
  • New technology is constantly improving the efficiency of batteries for longer ranges


  • The straight-up purchase price is higher than ICE cars
  • Not as cheap to repair/maintain due to complex components
  • Extra components also add to curb weight
  • Charging takes longer than a stop at the pumps
  • Motoring enthusiasts will hate the silence

FAQs About The Top-rated Electric Cars

What electric car has the longest range?

Thanks to its enormous 118-kWh battery, the Lucid Air Dream Edition boasts an incredible range of 520 miles, which is truly impressive for a brand-new EV. However, this is far from the norm. The list of runners-up starts with the Tesla Model S Long Range at 405 miles, then the Model X Long Range at 371 miles, and the Model X Long Range at 353 miles. Other 2022 Electric vehicles with competitive ranges include the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Riviant R1T - all with more than 300 miles to a full charge.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

Every car comes with a different type of battery, with capacities varying wildly. As such, there is no standard charging time. It also depends on the type of charger you are using. Level 1 household outlets take extremely long to fill the newer, larger batteries, which is why the newest electric cars usually come with dual charging cables, or the manufacturer might install a Level 2 charging unit in your home. This will usually take between six and 12 hours. Most public charging stations offer Level 3 fast charging, which can do the same job in as little as 15 to 45 minutes.

What is the best electric vehicle?

This is a loaded question, especially with more and more brands entering the market in the USA. For 2022 alone, there are no less than 22 completely new EVs planned for release. And, as with any other type of vehicle, the best EV cars may come down to opinions rather than black and white facts. Nevertheless, some of the most exciting models currently on sale, or soon to be, include the Tesla Model S Plaid, the Lucid Air, the Cadillac Lyriq, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Mercedes EQ models, and the Polestar 3. However, many of the used electric cars from 2021 or even 2019 remain relevant today and can be picked up for a lot less money.

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