Bugatti is a specialist hypercar maker based in Molsheim, France. It builds some of the most exclusive and expensive top-ranking hypercars in the world. Not being ordinary sports cars or supercars, the Bugatti price list starts at nearly $3,000,000 in the US and this puts the price for a Bugatti car well out of the reach of everyone but the super-rich. However, these cars are more than just expensive artworks. They exist to push the boundaries of engineering without compromising on luxury. That is the purpose of a Bugatti - to go as fast as possible while making the experience feel as ordinary and comfortable as getting milk in a Rolls-Royce. See, no matter what Bugatti does, its inherent nature is one of drama, and this is one of the facets that makes it so attractive. With incredible worldwide success, the brand has the capability to push itself further in performance, luxury, bespoke design, and of course, price. The clever design of these cars has also meant that Bugatti has been able to keep costs relatively low by basing most models on the Chiron, although extreme models like the Bolide suggest that Bugatti is willing to gamble on the future with new ideas too.

2021 Bugatti Models: Bugatti Vehicles Currently For Sale

Bugatti has a rich heritage, but it had all but faded into obscurity before the Veyron arrived. With that winning recipe proving that the world’s wealthy are willing to fork out loads of cash for a product that was unrivaled, Bugatti became the name on everyone’s lips. Although the same sort of engine is fitted to the Chiron as was to the Veyron, the former is not a facelift of the latter. Instead, it’s an all-new car that proved that you didn’t have to build an ugly car to break speed records. However, while the Veyron spawned countless special editions that were all largely the same car with different interior and exterior finishes, the Chiron has followed a similar recipe but has also birthed completely new models like the Divo and Centodieci.

The current Bugatti lineup looks like this:

  • Bugatti Chiron: The hypercar that succeeded the Veyron offers blistering performance, a top speed of over 260 mph, arresting looks, and the most exotic materials for its construction. Starting at nearly $3,000,000, it is also extremely expensive. Bugatti does not believe in modern touchscreen infotainment systems because it detracts from the driving experience, so none of the car’s audio or other features are controlled by a touchscreen, but by physical controls instead. Additional Chiron derivatives include the handling-optimized Chiron Pur Sport, the Chiron Super Sport (the newest Bugatti vehicle), and the earlier record-breaking Chiron Super Sport 300+, of which only 30 will be built.
  • Bugatti Centodieci: “Centodieci” means 110 in Italian. This model costs three times the price of a normal Chiron and only ten will be made. It is extremely rare and is meant to evoke the styling of the EB110 Super Sport, which it does masterfully. It exists solely to part rich people from their money, but one could argue that it is a design exercise that shows what the EB110 would have looked like if built today. With clever details like Bugatti’s modern signature four-detail headlights being integrated, an exquisite rear light bar, and stacked exhaust tips, there’s plenty to look at, but that’s pretty much all this overpriced art piece is good for.
  • Bugatti Divo: About the same size as the other Bugattis, the Divo is a track-focused and -optimized car. It costs nearly double a Chiron’s price but has seen its body completely redesigned with aero enhancements and weight-saving panels and components. Even for Bugatti clientele, exclusivity is guaranteed with a production run of 40 cars. It produces the same 1,479 horsepower as the ‘regular’ Chiron, but with better aero, less weight, an adjustable rear spoiler, a stabilizing rear fin, and a retuned chassis, this is the sportier and more nimble Bugatti that Molsheim’s customers had been asking for. Top speed is lower than that of the Chiron, but it can lap the Nardo handling circuit eight seconds quicker.

What A Bugatti Costs - Prices For Bugatti’s Super-Sports Cars

Pricing for all the types of Bugattis in the lineup has remained the same for 2020 and 2021 and the best Bugattis in terms of value for money - if such a term can be used - remain the “normal” Chiron model and its derivatives. This is how the prices of the new 2021 Bugatti cars currently available in the USA compare:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Bugatti Bolide 1,850 hp 8.0L Quad-Turbo W16 Gas $4,713,600
Bugatti Centodieci 1,600 hp 8.0L W16 Gas $9,000,000
Bugatti Chiron 1,500 hp 8.0L Quad-Turbo W16 Gas $2,990,000
Bugatti Divo 1,500 hp 8.0L W16 Gas $5,800,000
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 1,001 hp 8.0L W16 Gas $2,000,000
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 1,479 hp 8.0L Quad-Turbo W16 Gas $3,599,000
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 1,600 hp 8.0L Quad-Turbo W16 $3,900,000
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1,578 hp 8.0L Quad-Turbo W16 Gas $3,900,000
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 1,001 hp 8.0L W16 Gas $2,000,000
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 1,200 hp 8.0L W16 Gas $2,400,000

What to Consider Before Buying A Bugatti

All the latest, 2021 model year Bugatti super cars differ from each other in several ways, but they share these pros and cons:


  • Exceptional refinement and performance
  • Otherworldly attention to detail
  • Jaw-dropping styling
  • Exceptional luxury for this level of performance
  • Highly limited numbers guarantee exclusivity


  • The cost for a Bugatti is extremely high
  • Waiting times can run into the years
  • Not much space despite excellent GT chops
  • Width can be a challenge on the streets of Monaco


How much does an oil change on a Bugatti cost?

The cost of an oil change on a Bugatti runs between $20,000 and $25,000. This is because of the fact that it is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming - it takes around 27 hours. For example, a Bugatti Veyron’s dry-sump lubrication system requires that 16 drain plugs be removed to drain all the oil. In order to get to the drain plugs, drain the oil, and refill with fresh oil, some under-body parts have to be removed, as well as the car’s grille, rear deck, fender liners, and rear brakes. This has to be done at least once a year, regardless of the mileage traveled.

How long can a Bugatti run at its top speed?

In theory, a Bugatti Veyron would be able to maintain its top speed of 253 mph for no longer than 15 minutes because that is the design limit of the tires at that speed. However, in practice, a Veyron would not exceed 12 minutes at maximum speed, because that is how long it takes to drain its entire 26.4-gallon fuel tank. It would cover a distance of 50.6 miles in those 12 minutes. At the end of the run, the owner would have to replace all four tires at a cost of around $42,000.

Who can buy a Bugatti?

Theoretically, anybody with enough money, but Bugatti exercises quite a lot of control over the selection process. Bugatti knows that their customers are typically car collectors that already own more than 40 cars, several yachts, and at least two airplanes. The conversation the salesperson has with a potential customer is designed to identify real buyers, who are then invited to the Molsheim factory. Any person who gets invited has been screened as being legitimate and does not need to produce proof of finance. A factory tour follows and a resident historian answers questions. Customers can go for a test drive in a Bugatti, touch actual Bugatti parts being manufactured, and talk to the engineers. Bugatti does not prescribe a set procedure; it builds a relationship with customers.

Is it true that Bugatti will add diamonds to the speedometer upon request?

Any Bugatti is infinitely customizable and the automaker will place one-carat diamonds in the speedometer if a client so wishes. This is in addition to the existing diamonds that are already used in a Bugatti but are hidden away. A Bugatti Chiron has an Accuton audio system that uses a one-carat diamond as a membrane for each of its four audio tweeters. Bugatti says that this provides optimal aural fidelity.

To read more about Bugattis and for pictures, used cars, and upcoming future cars, have a look at our in-depth reviews and car comparisons.

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