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When a hatchback or family sedan simply won’t suffice for the school run, and an SUV isn’t a practical enough car, a van is the next step up in terms of hauling capabilities. Separated into three classifications, minivans, cargo, and passenger vans, these large automobiles fulfill a variety of purposes, from catering for road trips to carrying your business all across the USA. Fortunately, the US has a broad range of designs and types of vans from many brands, with a large selection geared towards various prices as well as practicality and usability in the real world.

Key considerations when it comes to van vehicles include their versatility in both seating and cargo-moving capacity, as well as cost, and, crucially, gas mileage - ensuring your family-carrier consumes few enough mpg to make it affordable. Safety ratings are important, too, and only the top vans are capable of scoring the best marks from the NHTSA and IIHS, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will be kept safe.

Main Characteristics of Top-Rated Vans

While the best vans for all manner of purposes may differ, there are always key attributes that are shared between the top-rated vans:

  • Sizeable bodies: While small iterations are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, the most practical van models are those that provide ample space for people and their things.
  • Diverse configurations: Whether it’s bench seats or captain’s chairs, swing or sliding doors, or simply numerous roof heights and body lengths, vans align with the needs of many with a number of customization options.
  • Strong engines: It’s easy to review the newest vans in isolation and think a frugal engine is sufficient, but when fully loaded, these machines need to be capable of toting large payloads and towing big trailers with ease.

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Van Models:

When looking to buy vans over an SUV or other family vehicle, there are a few things to consider, and several pros and cons:


  • Capacious cabins are ideal for sizeable families
  • Minivans have an abundance of safety features
  • Traditional variations are arguably the best trade autos of all time
  • Duality of cargo and occupant space
  • Versatile cabins


  • Substantial dimensions hinder maneuverability
  • Van prices can get expensive
  • Color choices are often limited and not very premium
  • Certain van brands don’t cater to the minivan segment
  • Not the most fuel-efficient vehicle style

What Van-type Vehicles are there?

Broken down into three categories, these automobiles cater to different requirements and different buyers altogether:

  • Minivans: These are the most family-centric type of vehicle with this body style, placing a high focus on equipment, technology, and safety standards, and a car-like experience from behind the wheel.
  • Compact/City: For the small business owner that doesn’t require loads of tech and convenience, a compact is ideal as it blends maneuverability and a car-like drive with the spaciousness and affordability factor of a commercial vehicle.
  • Full-size: These are the most versatile of all, with numerous configurations and a range of ways in which they can be upgraded and upfitted. However, they forego luxury and convenience in favor of a hard-working ethos that prioritizes heavy lifting and high towing capacities.


What are the best new vans on the market?

This can once again be broken down based on the three sub-segments within the overall classification. When it comes to family-focused options, the Chrysler Pacifica is simply leagues ahead of its rivals, and with AWD added for 2021, it’s getting better, still. Compact city variants are few and far between, but the Ford Transit Connect is versatile, easy to drive, and packs modern features, making it a surefire winner. In the realm of full-size haulers, the Ford Transit isn’t just the best ever selling vehicle of its type, but it’s the best money can buy, especially after its recent overhaul at the end of 2019.

What transmissions are available?

Much like traditional cars, vans are also moving away from manual transmissions. Auto vans are now the most popular, combining efficiency, smoothness, and ease of use in one single package.

What vans best suit businesses?

It all depends on what you will be using it for, how many people it will transport, or the size of the payload you need to carry - all this will affect whether you choose a compact or full-size derivative. Likewise, carpool companies might prefer the security and versatility of a minivan.

Be sure to check out our full list of models on sale in the USA, as well as videos, pictures, and reviews of the top vans.


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