Best SUVs of 2022

Over the past decade, sports utility or SUV vehicles have surged in popularity throughout the USA, so much so that they’ve single-handedly caused the demise of most small cars. The ergonomic driving position, spacious and comfortable interior, and raised ride height are some of the reasons why these vehicles are so sought-after nowadays. Additionally, SUV-type cars are also versatile, practical, and livable for everyday use, and many of these are also gifted with 4x4 capabilities for added adventuring off-road. With most brands and manufacturers vying for top honors in presenting the best SUVs of 2022, there’s also something for everyone.

Top Rated SUV Models

Those seeking a practical people-hauler with loads of cargo-carrying capacity and a value-for-money specification list will undoubtedly be searching in this segment. With over 200 million large carriers like this in the world at present, the continued drive to expand the new SUV models list leads to ongoing advancements in performance, quality, safety, and even improvements in gas mileage. 

Main characteristics of SUVs

If you’re shopping for a family carrier high up in the best SUV rankings, these are the common attributes to expect from the cream of the crop:

  • Size: Not all SUVs are created equal, especially in terms of size. SUV models come in compact, mid-size, or full-size configurations, but overall dimensions are generally a little larger than a standard car, with a bigger footprint to consider in parking lots and tight spaces.
  • Versatility and Space: One of the benefits of the size and structure of vehicles like SUVs is the ability to utilize the available space in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, there is more room in the cabin for passengers to be seated comfortably, and there is ample cargo-carrying capacity in the trunk, too. With new models offered in varying designs, you can also extend seating capacity to carry more people in a third row. Many also come with captain’s chairs as an option, for added luxury and comfort.
  • Safety: With popularity for these motors at an all-time high amongst families, safety is considered a priority, too. Comparison between rivals by consumer reports indicate that cars with comprehensive standard safety and driver-assist features score higher in the rankings, and shoppers are more likely to buy top SUVs listing more safety technology. Many SUVs earn top scores and win awards for their consignment of life-saving equipment.
  • Performance: While high-performance engines are becoming more readily accessible on the market, SUVs with smaller, more efficient powertrains are also making their mark in the ratings. Hybrid utes are also a growing trend in the US. Either way, SUVs need to have sufficient grunt under the hood to get it moving without feeling lethargic and be able to haul passengers and cargo. In this regard, some of the best SUVs offer excellent towing capacity when properly equipped. 

What to Consider Before Buying SUV Models


  • Some models have true off-roading abilities thanks to 4x4
  • Excellent safety and reliability ratings
  • Highly versatile and practical cabin
  • Better cargo space than most regular cars
  • Commanding driving position provides exceptional visibility
  • Luxurious interiors promote comfort
  • Handsome looks and status
  • Hybrid and EV variants becoming more common


  • Unless you’re buying a performance-oriented SUV, it’s less than thrilling
  • Pricier overall than traditional cars
  • Less impressive fuel economy than smaller, lighter vehicles
  • Bigger footprint means tight spaces can be problematic

FAQs about SUVs

What’s the most fuel-efficient SUV on the market?

Now that SUVs with plug-in hybrid and all-electric powertrains are becoming more commonplace, there are many that can be considered fuel-efficient options. From the Volkswagen ID.4 with MPGe figures of 104/89/97 to the Tesla Model Y that manages up to 131/117/125 mpg, all-electric SUVs offer incredible efficiency. Hybrid models that make the best of internal combustion and electricity include the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid with 41/38/40 mpg and the Kia Sorento Hybrid with 39/35/37 mpg. 

What are the best SUVs to buy for under $35k?

SUVs don’t always cost a fortune unless you’re aiming for a performance-oriented version or the top-spec luxury type that’s designed to chauffeur you around in sublime comfort. SUVs that tick all the practicality, versatility, and capability boxes that won’t ask for more than $35k new include the Toyota RAV4 rage, with gas variants starting well below $28k, and hybrid versions below $30k. Hyundai offers the Tucson range for between $26k and $35k MSRP, while Ford has the Ford Explorer for around $34k.

What should I look out for when buying an SUV?

Top-rated SUVs are one thing, but finding one that works for you is another kettle of fish entirely. Depending on what you need from it, an SUV should be powerful enough to carry and tow all your passengers and their stuff, as well as being reasonable at the pumps. Space and size are big deciding factors, too, but reliability and safety are priorities for those who will be using it for family duty. Always check the warranty and recall history to see what you are signing up for, and make sure there are comprehensive safety ratings and sufficient features to keep your most precious cargo safe. 


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