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Tesla is still very young in comparison to many of the USA’s most popular automakers, but with its expertise in electric vehicles and clean energy, it didn’t take long for the brand to rake in an impressive sum of the US automotive market share. Company CEO Elon Musk initially set out to target early adopters with the prodigious, performance-oriented Roadster before resolving to focus on accessible, mass-market EVs. Now regarded as the world’s best-seller of EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles, Tesla presents buyers with a wide array of class-leading sedans, hatches, and SUVs, with another roadster and pickup truck set to be the newest additions to the family.

New Tesla Electric Cars

The current cycle comprises several Tesla models, many of which are proffered in both Standard and Extended Range versions, as well as several Performance variants. These more athletic Tesla types are presented with a ‘Ludicrous Mode’ setting that dials up acceleration potential for faster off-the-line and top-end capability. You need not go so far, though, as even the base Tesla models are the best in their respective segments. Here is a breakdown of the current and future products from the manufacturer:

  • Model S: This is essentially the nameplate that pioneered much of electrification in the modern automotive industry. Since its debut, this midsize sedan has undergone numerous enhancements and, for 2021, will be the first of its siblings presented in ‘Plaid’ guise - punted as the world's fastest production motor, this crossover is claimed to deliver a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of around two seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. It should also be capable of traveling for up to 402 miles.
  • Model 3: Of all the electric cars, this Tesla is, by far, the most popular throughout America and the rest of the globe. Its fast acceleration responses and extensive range, along with its highly affordable pricing, render it one of the best value-for-money offers in the classification. It’s a top-ranking sedan in the compact division and returns some of the best mpg ratings within the segment.
  • Model X: For the discerning modern family, this midsize sport-utility delivers an exceptional all-round showing and satisfactory seating for up to seven passengers. Futuristic design, various panoramic sunroofs, and rear gullwing doors avail this cruiser as one of the most novel and stylish cruisers available, too.
  • Model Y: Rated as the number one luxury crossover in CarBuzz’s BuzzScore rankings, this compact SUV brings iconic design, leading proficiency, high-end specs, top-notch safety evaluations, and inspiring reliability expectations at a truly competitive fare.
  • Cybertruck: This highly anticipated pickup truck is the badge’s first and only true utility motor. Its ultra-futuristic looks are polarizing, but it’s certainly one-of-a-kind. Its cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton even makes it bulletproof. Three trim lines will be on offer, the top-tier option of which is capable of carrying up to 3,500 pounds and towing 14,000 pounds.
  • Roadster: Scheduled to debut later this year, the upcoming hardtop convertible is the manufacturer’s latest ambition project. Musk aims to establish the nameplate as the globe’s fastest production supercar, pursuing a 0 to 60 mph sprint of under 2.0 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph.

Tesla models and Prices

Model Power Engine Base Price
Tesla Cybertruck TBC Electric $39,900
Tesla Model 3 TBC Electric $46,990
Tesla Model S 670 hp Electric $99,990
Tesla Model X 670 hp Electric $114,990
Tesla Model Y TBC Electric $62,990
Tesla Roadster 1,360 hp Electric $200,000
Tesla Model S Performance TBC Electric $91,990
Tesla Model S Plaid 1,020 hp Electric $135,990
Tesla Model X Performance TBC Electric $99,990
Tesla Model X Plaid 1,020 hp Electric $138,990

Tesla Reviews and What to Consider Before Buying

The Tesla lineup has grown exponentially despite its relatively short tenure in the United States. There are also countless other such automobiles nowadays, with more and more on the way. Because of this, it is recommended that anyone looking to purchase an EV browse the CarBuzzs buyer’s guide and shopping tools section. Here, there are in-depth reviews and test drive reports on 2020 and 2021 releases, as well as used automobiles, with information on everything from engine specs and mileage, to safety and overall quality, and everything in-between. The price of every Tesla is noted, there are pictures, and readers can easily compare each marque against its direct rivals via the comparison section.

FAQs About 2020 and 2021 Tesla Vehicles

Are all Tesla cars installed with ‘Autopilot’?

Yes. Some iteration of Autopilot is included in the standard features list for all new Tesla products. For those with older versions, over-the-air software updates are provided for those willing to pay.

How established is Tesla’s supercharger network?

There are over 14,000 supercharging stations throughout the USA, making it the largest charging network from any mainstream automaker. With the right battery accessories, most of the lineup can be charged with over 150 miles of traveling distance in just a few minutes.

How much does the 2021 Tesla ‘Plaid’ cost?

The most potent S, the Tesla ‘Plaid’, is estimated to cost around $134,490, MSRP.

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