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Established in 1944, Kia is the oldest automotive brand in Korea, and one of the largest in the world. Today, Kia Motors is synonymous with affordability and safety, probably because of the automaker’s primary philosophies of accessibility and reliability. But don’t let the low cost of Kia vehicles fool you. These machines are just as capable as their rivals, with many offering comparable, if not superior, levels of tech. However, they are not built for joyriding, and you won’t find a single true performance variant in the compendium. But, if you’re looking for a great new people hauler or a dependable commuter, you’re likely to find a few choice options.

About the Company that Makes Kia Automobiles

Korean International Automotive was first known as Kyungsung Precision Industry, producing steel tubing and bicycle components. The name was only changed in 1952, and it began working in conjunction with Honda and Mazda to produce automobiles and motorcycles. The Brisa was the first range to bear the logo, produced between 1973 and 1981. Only in 1986 did the manufacturer begin production again. Since then, the business has expanded its footprint and gained international acclaim. It has also developed a very close relationship with Hyundai, with both entities owning significant shares in one another. Today, there are 20 distinct bodies across the world, although some are exclusive to certain regions.

Types of Kia cars in 2020 and 2021

Since they aim to be accessible, Kia cars come in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs and tastes. Not every style is a perfect fit in the market in America, but there are still more than enough Kia models available in the USA to allow for competitive shopping. Here is a list of the different types of kia cars, and the types of buyer they are most likely to appeal to.

  • Hatchbacks - Ideal for first-time drivers or young professionals entering the workforce.
    Sedans - A more traditional automobile configuration that appeals to slightly older professionals or small families.
  • SUVs - Extremely popular for budding households, these vehicle arrangements combine safety and practicality almost perfectly.
  • Vans - Bigger families gravitate towards this style of Kia automobiles due to the unrivaled passenger and cargo capacity.
  • Hybrid and Electric - Though not a body form, this technology is available on a variety of the newest Kia models.'

Lineup of New Kia Car Models

While the lineup of Kia autos in the US is not as extensive as it is elsewhere in the world, there are still quite a few up for sale. Each auto offers something unique, so it would be worth forming a ranking of your top picks and taking them for a test drive before you decide on a purchase. Here are just some of the best Kia cars with a breakdown of their specs and features:

  • Telluride - As the flagship SUV in the company garage, the seven-seater delivers an almost luxurious interior with an excellent ride quality and an array of driver-assistance systems. A high-displacement engine supplies 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque to move the hefty Telluride. It is also one of the safest machines on the road, based on a review from the NHTSA.
  • Seltos - The much smaller crossover is almost a miniature copy of its three-row sibling. A pair of low-displacement engines can be equipped, along with front- or all-wheel-drive. It also supplies an ample 26.6 cubic feet of trunk space. Be sure to check your pictures of this sporty little ute to see the various colors show off its more compact dimensions.
  • Rio5 - One of the few hatchbacks remaining on the American market, it comes outfitted with a high-efficiency four-pot that returns 33/41/36 mpg city/highway/combined. These are the top mileage figures of the non-hybrids.
  • Niro EV - The more expensive of the two electric options, the Niro develops 201 hp and can travel up to 239 miles on a complete charge. It has a slightly higher price tag when you compare it to the gasoline variants, but it offers an extensive array of features and a stylish cabin.

Price List of Kia Vehicles

Model Power Engine Base Price
Kia Amanti 264 hp 3.8L V6 Gas $26,045
Kia Borrego 276 hp 3.8L V6 Gas $26,245
Kia Cadenza 290 hp 3.3L V6 Gas $37,850
Kia Carnival 290 hp 3.5L V6 Gas $32,300
Kia EV6 167 hp Electric $40,900
Kia Forte 147 hp 2.0L Inline-4 Gas $17,890
Kia K5 180 hp 1.6L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $23,590
Kia K900 365 hp 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas $59,900
Kia Niro 139 hp 1.6L Inline-4 Hybrid $24,690


How much does the cheapest new Kia cost?

In terms of starting price, the Kia Rio is the most affordable option. In comparison, the hatch variant adds around $1,000 over the approximate $16k tag of the sedan. Alternatively, you could consider a used auto. But, since even new Kia cars are so incredibly affordable, it may be better to know the history of your machine.

What is the top Kia car model?

The subcompact Seltos crossover earns the highest ratings on our site. In fact, it is ranked as the best cheap SUV, thanks to its excellent dependability, plenty of standard tech, and impressive trunk space.

Will there be any updated Kia vehicles in 2021?

Once again, the Seltos crops up as the newest offering. However, 2021 sees updates for the Soul EV and the Sorento, too. No further additions to the lineup have been announced for the upcoming year.

For more information, head to our in-depth Kia reviews, with full spec breakdowns, and as images and videos of each offering.

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