Technicolor McLaren Artura Doesn't Support The Cause You Think

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This is one multi-colored car at Goodwood that isn't focused on Pride Month.

Every so often, you'll hear a man sitting in a supercar saying he can't keep track of all the new 200 mph supercars out these days (hi, Jeremy Clarkson). If that is the case, one-off special editions of crazy supercars, or better yet, super rad art cars, can help make them stick out against the endless tide of million-dollar carbon-bodied machines. If anything, this striking McLaren Artura will do just that, and stick out like a fireworks explosion at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend.

McLaren did up an outrageous kaleidoscope-like livery for its latest hybrid supercar in partnership with Plan International to raise awareness for women in the field of engineering, a topic the people making Formula 1 cars might know a thing or two about.

2022 McLaren Artura Front Angle View McLaren
2022 McLaren Artura Rear Angle View McLaren
2022 McLaren Artura Front Lights On McLaren

The debut of the one-off livery also coincides with International Women in Engineering Day. One of those women is Ella Podmore, a materials scientist who worked on the McLaren Artura. She was present at the unveiling alongside the livery's designer, Max Shkinder.

Together with Plan International, a global children's charity, McLaren commissioned a study to discover the impacts female role models have on young girls seeking engineering careers. The study found that 75% of girls surveyed are interested in a career in the sciences, but the field is severely lacking in female role models. So much so, 24% of girls worry about being good enough to study science, technology, engineering, and math-based (STEM) careers.

2022 McLaren Artura Front View McLaren
2022 McLaren Artura Rear View McLaren
2022 McLaren Artura Intake Air Duct McLaren
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One of those young women the study is focused on was Amelie, a 14-year-old Plan International activist, and STEM enthusiast. She was the one to pin the McLaren badge on this spectacular one-off. The Artura design also celebrates an anniversary, marking a year of McLaren's partnership with Plan International.

McLaren's partnership also goes beyond special one-off cars shown at niche car shows. Macca has pledged to hold "educational, skill-based workshops" for 1,000 young women by 2025 with the aim of creating more STEM career opportunities.

"International Women in Engineering Day is vital to help focus attention on the importance of encouraging our young people to explore pursuing STEM educational and career options that are open to them. Yet the study jointly commissioned with Plan International shows that we have no room for complacency in smashing negative and persistent gender stereotypes that can hold our young people back," said Mandeep Dhatt, Executive Director of HR, McLaren Automotive.

2022 McLaren Artura Interior Overview McLaren
2022 McLaren Artura Overhead Screen McLaren

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